Angel © 2007 Andrei Solodenko

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One listen and you'll see why people are talking about this album. A mix of classical instruments and contemporary rhythms with a unique sound and beautiful melodies that will leave these songs playing in your mind for days.

"Angel" by Andrei Solodenko is a journey through his poetic mind in the form of classic instruments joined with Adult Contemporary sounds. It is a virtual sound scape with beautiful melodies and strong piano progressions. Andrei's piano and synthesizer work on the CD are very impressive. The CD is great for relaxation, meditation or just soft listening. Highlights include "River of Love," which is filled with a lot of charisma and excellent sounding flute. "One Way Ticket" has a driving beat, nice fills and is power mixed with intrigue. "Rain in New York" features some soothing Trumpet work and effectively accomplishes the feel of '70's New York. If you like Mood Music and Adult Contemporary, you will surely like this album.

-William and the Reviewer Team